How it works

We analyze every conversation, and provide actionable feedback on how to do it better.

In the field

One discrete microphone on each sales associate’s lapel.

One wireless transmitter on each sales associate’s belt.

One gateway device connected to your existing WiFi equipment.

In the cloud

All the audio conversations are uploaded to the cloud in real-time, over an encrypted channel. Once received, each audio conversation enters into our proprietary AI pipeline. This is where the magic happens. The basic stages are:


Speech-to-text engine turns audio into transcripts


Diarization engine splits transcripts into speakers


Voice recognition engine matches speakers with known employees


An analytics engine analyzes the annotated transcripts and:


Calculates various KPIs - # of conversations, averag duration, idle time, etc.


Detects the sentiment and disposition of each speaker.


Counts mentions of various target phrases or problematic phrases.


Analyzes conversation flow and compares to pre-determined scripts.


And much more.


Insights and feedback appear on a graphic dashboard

How about a demonstration?

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