Analyze every in-store interaction in real time, using AUDIO and AI


KPIs, metrics and trends

Data-driven management

Actionable feedback

On-the-job training

Script adherence


Step 1: Record

We deploy microphones to record every interaction between store employees and customers.

Step 2: Analyze

Our proprietary AI system analyzes the recorded audio for patterns and useful insights.

Step 3: Provide feedback

We generate a graphic dashboard where store managers can see clear insights and track progress over time.


Thousands of hours of customer-interactions are hard to observe and even harder to analyze.

We make it easy.

“Before Soundflow:
My average sales associate spent 160 hours a month talking to customers, I listened in on 2 hours of it, and provided 10 minutes of feedback that was mostly ignored.

With Soundflow:
I log into the dashboard twice a week, see obvious trends, and send each employee a screenshot to show what needs to be improved.

Every single week we see progress.”

James D, Store Manager

Soundflow allows you to:


сapture every conversation, by every customer-facing employee in every store location;


measure every aspect of the conversation, from duration and quantity to politeness and political correctness;


track every word and phrase used, including those you want to hear, and those you don’t;


have all the data at your disposal in real-time, with convenient data visualization tools to track it over time;


deploy quickly and painlessly – we provide all the equipment, install everything on-site, and train your employees on the spot.

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